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We founded Industrial Security Alliance Partners (ISAP) in 1996 believing in our vision to create a pipeline for launching core technologies, and distribution networks for products and services. ISAP is resource driven; allowing you to be in more places with more market exposure; maximizing your opportunities, time, and energy.

ISAP's partners have a global reach of industry sources to form an alliance in a number of vertical markets. We are always looking for strategic alliance partners who are the "best of breed" when it comes to innovative products, science, research and development, engineering, design, manufacturing, and total systems integration. We will also continue to expand our alliance partnerships in the areas of finance, venture capital, private equity business development trade, and funds management.

Let ISAP become your resource to expand into the domestic and global marketplace. ISAP's mission is to create a strong, ethical alliance partnership network that can reach out to more companies, in more places, with more services, more often, than any other alliance. In terms of customer benefits, our alliances of like-minded professionals will strengthen the whole by offering higher levels of services and products to our customers.

The Benefits to You

Developing a key alliance partnership with ISAP can allow you to realize your vision, bring your ideas, areas of expertise, products, and technologies to the marketplace. We know that we can create and deliver effective solutions when we collaborate with companies whose expertise complements our own. If you are looking to expand your products and service's capabilities, showcase, sell or grow your company; complete the following request form so that our VP of Business Development can contact you.